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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) projects that over the next few years, the global agricultural production will grow at an annual rate of 1.5%. The output of oil seeds and grains is expected to remain low as production costs rise. Livestock production, on the other hand, will remain mostly constant, rising at a marginal 0.5% annually.    Moreover, the challenges faced by the agricultural sector are only compounded by the pressure exerted by a growing population—that is expected to touch 1.2 billion by 2020)—and higher food demand that can only be met by the agricultural sector. Industry experts have opined that the rising caloric intake of people is yet another factor that has spurred a higher demand for food in various parts of the world. These requirements can be satisfied with advancements in the chemical and fertilizer sector and breakthrough achievements in seed development and engineering. Farmers worldwide are striving to adopt unique and high-return oriented agriculture techniques to minimize inputs and maximum output. Mechanization of farming techniques is catching up in India, Brazil, China and several other African and Asian countries. China and India will continue to remain at the forefront of agricultural growth over current decade. scours every leading source for latest market research reports from the Agricultural Sector. This makes us the single largest source for market research reports and analyses pertaining to the Agricultural Sector. Our Research Coordinators are trained to understand your unique market intelligence requirements and honor them in the shortest time possible.    Players in the Agriculture Sector require decisive data pertaining to various facets such as agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, fertilizers, pest-resistant seeds, meat production and processing, transportation, and so on. We encourage you to browse through our massive repository of titles and should you need more assistance or information on any of them, please feel free to contact We stand committed to fulfilling your market research requirements.   

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