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The apparel industry encompasses companies that design, manufacture, and sell products such as accessories, clothing, luxury items, and footwear for men, women, and kids. As an integral part of the global fashion industry, the Apparel Industry needs to be highly responsive to changing trends by not just designing, but also manufacturing and delivering products to the wholesale and retail market in time. These aspects make the Apparel Industry highly competitive and fragmented as it features a myriad of niche segments.   At any given time, this industry is influenced by factors such as raw material costs, seasonal factors, and the availability and affordability of labor. Green and organic clothing is yet another steadily emerging trend that designers and apparel manufacturing houses need to respond to. In a bid to strike a balance between operating costs and profitability, leading apparel houses from the U.S. and Europe have set up manufacturing facilities and collaborated with local players in developing countries to gain from the lower labor wages and not-so-stringent environmental mandates that prevail here. Interestingly, these developing economies such as China, Brazil, and India are also poised to be the biggest markets for the global Apparel industry with their rising spending power. From global apparel giants with multi-million dollar advertising and branding budgets to local players, this industry has a myriad of segments and niches.   marketresearchhub features an entire collection of market reports, market forecasts, and trends analyses that keep you on the cutting edge of the Apparel Industry. Browse through a comprehensive selection of reports from leading publishers to back your next business decision with accurate facts, data, and statistics.  

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