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The global cosmetics market is a key part of the FMCG sector and has made steady progress over the last few decades. The increasing demand for a younger and more attractive appearance from primarily the urban demographic across the world has enabled consistent growth of the cosmetics market.  Steady technological innovation is a key driver for the global cosmetics sector. Improving product formulations has emerged as the most promising strategy to get ahead of competitors in the cosmetics sector, which has seen all major players invest heavily in research in order to improve the efficacy and multipronged utility of their products. As a result, products offering more than one feature are likely to become a mainstay in the cosmetics market in the coming years. carries an extensive repository of market intelligence reports detailing the global cosmetics sector from every perspective. Various segments of the global cosmetics sector are assessed in the reports in the intelligence repository of, providing a 360-degree view for market participants. 

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