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Over the last few years, austerity measures in a number of developed nations have meant curtailed defense budgets. While these measures have not directly impacted core defense and combat operations, defense and security overheads have been cut back. In contrast, the rapidly developing economies of China, India, Russia, and Brazil have demonstrated a consistent demand for Defense and Security services. With this, the balance has tilted in favor of these markets. Another factor that has brought about a paradigm shift in the Defense and Security market is the changing techniques of warfare. As countries need to be appropriately prepared for chemical warfare and cyber attacks, the demand for products and solutions in these areas has shown an upward trend.   There is a pressing need for countries to upgrade to state-of-the-art combat technologies such as unmanned vehicles, infallible communication systems, network security, and so on. Traditionally, OEMs have acted as lead contractors in this market. However, today, there is clear need for system integrators that are current with the needs of new age control rooms and warfare techniques. On the other hand, civilian research and development has not been largely affected by the curtailment of defense budgets by governments.   Foreign OEMs and system integrators looking to tap developing markets can effectively do so by partnering with their counterparts in respective countries. Since this is a viable solution for both parties in question, mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions are likely to change the landscape of the Defense and Security market in the developing nations as well.   marketresearchhub features thousands of topical, full-length market research reports that add unmatched value to important business decisions. These reports help you formulate the right expansion strategies, build a strong marketing campaign, and analyze emerging trends and growth sectors within the market.  

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