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U.K. Urges EU to Retain Cyber Security and Data Sharing Services

Published On : Jul 27,2018

The post-Brexit concern is focused is associated to the transfer of cyber-security intelligence between Britain and the European Union; Theresa May plans to frame plans to prevent

U.S. Issued a Warning on Supply Chain Cyber Attack Risks

Published On : Jul 27,2018

The United States intelligence community has issued a new warning about cyber-espionage risks postured by attacks made via the technology supply chain. One of the major fact

Aircraft sales expected to rise to $6.3tn pressed by China trade

Published On : Jul 19,2018

In the next 10-15 years, China is expected to surpass US to become the largest air travel market; growth is majorly driven by significant rise in aircraft sales. On Tuesday,

BP Acquires UK's biggest car charging firm Chargemaster for £130m

Published On : Jun 29,2018

Oil Giant BP plugs in with British multinational oil and gas company (British Petroleum), by addressing the hazard that low-carbon vehicles pose to their primary business.

Apple and Samsung closedown patent fight after a span of seven years

Published On : Jun 28,2018

Apple and Samsung have at last settled their seven-year-old tiff over patents, which involved design stealing of Apple’s iPhone. The two largest smartphone manufacturers active

KFC planning to offer plant-base chicken in Britain

Published On : Jun 21,2018

KFC would be initiating tests for the product in the U.K.; smaller restaurants in the region such as Temple Seitan, are already famous for their plant-based fried chicken varieties

Swedish Retail Leader Ikea Will Ban All Single-Use Plastic Items by 2020

Published On : Jun 08,2018

The Swedish furniture giant announced Ikea’s future plans recently, in which clearly mentioned that they will remove all single-use plastic products by 2020. This amazing move

Count of electric vehicles expected to get tripled in the next two years

Published On : Jun 04,2018

According to International Energy Agency (IEA), the electric vehicle count on roads globally swelled up to a record mark of 3.1 million in 2017; however, additional policies and

UK Football Leagues Pressed to Tackle Plastic Waste Issue

Published On : May 31,2018

Football leagues across the United Kingdom are being urged to follow the set of rules by banning the use of single-use plastics. It comes after a series of announcements by the

UK food and farming sector presents post-Brexit objectives

Published On : May 29,2018

More than 100 food supply groups have settled on a manifesto declaring principles to the government which can offer food supply assurances in UK after Brexit. This demand has

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