Apple and Samsung closedown patent fight after a span of seven years

Published On : Jun 28, 2018

Apple and Samsung have at last settled their seven-year-old tiff over patents, which involved design stealing of Apple’s iPhone.

The two largest smartphone manufacturers active on this planet have finally reached a treaty to end their seven-year-old law battle. This peace was made almost after a month when Samsung was ordered by the federal court jury to pay an amount close to $539 million to Apple for copying iPhone’s patent features.

This fight initiated in 2011, when Apple charged the South Korean technology maker, seeking an amount of $2bn in damages.

In 2012, a U.S. jury granted Apple a sum of $1.05bn in damages for its claim over the copied features; it involved design elements such as the screen which displays icons in a grid form. The case has been oscillating since then, but last month the federal court did offer its verdict which was seen as a victory mark for Apple.

Looking at this current agreement, the two companies have decided to make peace before there is another scene for litigation. As written by US District Court Judge, Lucy Koh, "Whereas the court has been advised by the parties that the above-entitled action has been settled, all remaining claims and counterclaims, in this case, are hereby dismissed with prejudice". 

Apple and Samsung were involved in another major patent combat. It was first decided in 2014 but couldn’t survive until last year. This particular case was won by Apple that rewarded $120 million due to violation of its slide-to-unlock patent along with several other features. Both companies have been involved in a number of patent fights with each other which have been discussed internationally; however, in 2014 they agreed to scratch away those lawsuits.

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