KFC planning to offer plant-base chicken in Britain

Published On : Jun 21, 2018

KFC would be initiating tests for the product in the U.K.; smaller restaurants in the region such as Temple Seitan, are already famous for their plant-based fried chicken varieties.

According to several news reports, Louisville-based KFC is preparing to launch “vegetarian options” in Britain. This is the first ever step taken by the big brand to please vegetarian customers. The company broadcasted this decision of merging its signature mixture of herbs & spices with vegetarian choices in order to offer a genuine “chicken-like” taste.

KFC U.K. informed Foodbeast that the recipe is still underway and there is a possibility the product would be launched next year. The testing of the product will specifically take place in the United Kingdom, since there are several smaller restaurants like Temple Seitan which are popular for their styles of plant-based fried chicken.

KFC’s vegetarian expedition has been broadcasted around the time when the British government is stressing to cut down consumption of additional calories in the nation. According to reports, Public Health England has also issued guidelines that are aimed at reducing the calorie count from some widespread food options by 20 per cent until 2024.

With this move, KFC will surely emerge as a serious competition to Mc Donald’s in several European countries. McDonald’s launched its soy-based McVegan burger in December 2017 across several restaurants in Finland and Sweden. The popular food chain did earn significant acknowledgement for its product, which the customers called highly delicious.

In addition, in Britain, the demand for meat replacements has swelled largely in the past six years. It has been analyzed that, customers spent $239.5 million in the year 2012 on meat substitutes. Currently, the number has risen by 56.2 per cent to reach $374.1 million in 2017.

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