UK food and farming sector presents post-Brexit objectives

Published On : May 29, 2018

More than 100 food supply groups have settled on a manifesto declaring principles to the government which can offer food supply assurances in UK after Brexit.

This demand has been presented in the form of a signed manifesto drawn by 100 plus food supply organizations all around the UK. The members comprise of growers, farmers as well as associated suppliers, manufacturers & retailers.

The manifesto has been set to the PM and delivers the need for positive effects on labour, trade and domestic agricultural strategy. This proposal requests the government to issue a white paper finalizing its immigration plans since it is a “matter of priority".

Presently, the industry is highly concerned regarding the influence on seasonal labour once Britain takes an exit from the EU. Michael Gove, Environment Secretary, had earlier suggested he will initiate a fresh SAWS scheme; however, silence is the only facet which is active since many months.

Focusing on the manifesto, the demand for "frictionless" trade with the EU, is another key aspect which is included in the proposal. In addition, formation of an agriculture policy that promotes food production ensuring the existing high standards is also highlighted in the manifesto.

Ms Batters, NFU president, stated that if Brexit fails to defend UK food producers, it would prove bad for the nation’s landscape, economy and seriously the society. She further added, the signatories to the concerned manifesto will seek a consent by the government to stress on the mentioned objectives with a motive to preserve British food production.

As a response to this action, a government spokesperson delivered a statement in which it was certain that until December 2020, employers from the agricultural and food processing segments will be permitted to employee EU citizens in a movement to “fill vacancies” and the ones’ agreeing to work would be granted stay in the UK subsequently.

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