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The Materials market is very vast, as it encompasses an array of materials used in industries as diverse as: Chemical, building and construction, plastics, textiles, glass, wood and metalworking, textiles and so on. Within each of these industries, there are several other categories of materials that find applications in specific products and processes.    The materials industry needs to be highly responsive to any changes in consumer demand or business cycles. This makes it imperative for players in this industry to keep abreast of every latest trend if they are to reap the benefits of emerging opportunities. Regulatory mandates are another key factor that typically restrict the growth of a particular segment within the Materials industry, but open up new avenues for another. Any fluctuation in demand-supply could potentially impact the material industry in more ways than one.    The materials industry has a number of auxiliary sectors such as: fastening, curing, treating or processing, plating, coating and polishing, grinding or blending, and finishing, and so on. Most materials, be it metals, glass, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics, composites, or any other, need to undergo one or more of these operations. Thus, the ancillary industries also need to evolve with the changing nature of the core Materials industry that includes both basic and advanced materials.

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