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The global market for medical equipment is a significantly large one that accounts for revenue to the tune of nearly USD 273 billion, according to the estimates of leading market research firms. Revenue in this sector could touch an estimated USD 349 billion by the end of 2016.   The medical equipment industry is a vast one with a high degree of segmentation. It is comprised of products and systems ranging from thermometers to catheters to blood processing devices to monitoring systems to wound care equipment to specialty bags to syringes to glucose meters and pumps among other products. Within these, the key market segments comprise of surgical supplies and equipment that constitute nearly 45% of the entire market. The rest of the market constitutes products such as disposable medical supplies and patient monitoring devices.   Other products such as catheters constitute a fairly significant chunk of the global medical equipment market. Catheters are likely to show a yearly growth rate of 12% in 2014. On similar lines, patient monitoring systems are expected to demonstrate robust growth figures as they become more advanced, and medical practitioners increasingly rely on them for remote surveillance. Market research firms indicate that the value of the patient monitoring systems will reach USD 9.3 billion by the end of 2014.   Wound care is yet another key sector within the medical equipment industry and market analysts estimate a 4% growth rate in this sector. Wound care is essentially comprised of gauze, wound dressing products, and wound closure devices.   Having felt the impact of the economic slowdown in 2008, the medical equipment industry is now poised for strong demand-driven growth in the coming years. Changing demographics, for the most part, will be largely responsible for this change. Medical equipment will be required in larger numbers as the world sees a greater aging population and increased life expectancy.    Greater technological advancements within this category combined with the evolving needs of people worldwide, will give a further impetus to the medical equipment market.  At, we keep track of every new change and trend in the medical equipment market and update our collection of market research reports to bring you the very best market data pertaining to the medical equipment industry. We carry medical equipment market research reports published by reputable market research agencies and update our repository virtually every day. These are the key differentiators that make the preferred partner for small, medium and large enterprises worldwide. 

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