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Non-alcoholic beverages are widely consumed the world over and these products are widely produced in the eight countries of U.S., U.K., Italy, Germany, Canada, France, Russia and Japan. Together, these companies generated nearly USD 291 billion by way of non-alcoholic drink sale in 2010. Analysts also predict that by 2015, the total non-alcoholic drink sales would have touched USD 310 billion. The U.S. non-alcoholic drink market alone is anticipated to be worth USD 127 billion by the end of 2015.   There are a myriad of products that comprise the non-alcoholic drinks industry. These include-sparkling drinks, smoothies and milkshakes, sports drinks(functional drinks), tea and coffee, bottled water, fresh juices as well as concentrates. In general, non-alcoholic drinks are those that do not contain spirits or alcohol or those that have a maximum of 0.5% alcohol content. These drinks are formulated on a base that comprises either carbonated water or still water, and added sweeteners and flavors. Some of these drinks also consist of caffeine or real fruit pulp/juice.   Packaging constitutes an integral aspect of these drinks as it is often the key differentiator between competing products on the shelf. Interestingly, producers of non-alcoholic drinks the world over have filed thousands of patents protecting their unique packaging styles. This industry also spurs a huge demand for plastic and glass bottles and cans. Some of the most popular products under the non-alcoholic drinks category are cola, sparkling lemonade, ginger ale, and root beer.   Among the highest revenue generators in this category are sparkling or carbonated drinks that are estimated to earn revenue of USD 209 billion or more by the end of 2014. Competition is stiff in the non-alcoholic drinks market given that several cola giants and other soft drink manufacturers operate within its purview. Carbonated drinks comprise nearly 40% of the global soft drink market.   Product innovation continues to remain a pressing need if companies are to successfully thrive in the non-alcoholic drinks market. The most reliable way for companies to stay ahead of their contemporaries is by introducing innovative products and marketing strategies. brings you an extensive collection of market research reports centered on the non-alcoholic beverage industry. From trends analysis to in-depth surveys to competitive landscaping to consumer studies, we carry the most comprehensive repository of titles in the industry. Additionally, our seasoned team of Research Coordinators will assist you in meeting all your market research report requirements. To learn more, please speak with a representative today. 

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