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There are millions of manufacturers and ancillary service providers that operate within the Packaging Industry, creating millions of jobs worldwide. From food products to garments to cosmetics to electronics to convenience products, each of these industries heavily relies on packaging to deliver end products safely to consumers. Packaging materials and technologies are undergoing a change with a growing inclination towards green, re-usable, and recyclable materials. This has compelled manufacturers to explore new avenues to source green packaging materials and purchase machinery that is compatible with new-age requirements. There is a pressing need to produce lightweight packaging that is intelligently designed in keeping with the changing lifestyles and consumption habits of consumers. Reducing the weight of packaging improves fuel efficiency when these packaged goods are transported in large quantities.   Packaging sustainability from the manufacturer’s standpoint also refers to sourcing cost-effective yet quality raw material and investing in systems that reduce waste and help recycle scrap. Several regulations now mandate recycling in keeping with global guidelines.    Ancillary services such as attractive package printing and designing are gaining prominence as products vie to attract consumer attention on crowded supermarket shelves. With virtually all facets of the packaging industry growing and developing, players in this industry need to track new opportunities and harness them fully. marketresearchhub helps you do precisely that with its large database of market research reports, industry analysis, competitive landscaping, and company profiles from the most reputable publishers.

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