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Petrochemicals are a group of chemical products that are obtained from petroleum. Olefins and aromatics are the two primary classes of petrochemicals. While olefins mainly comprise polypropylene and ethylene, aromatics can be further classified into xylene isomers, benzene, and toluene. Typically, petrochemicals are derived from petroleum on a large scale at petrochemical manufacturing plants that also produce a number of other ancillary products. Locations such as USA, England, the Netherlands, and India, among others, are regarded as petrochemical hubs.    Petrochemical manufacturing units typically need the support of utilities and facilities such as railheads, ports, power stations, road facilities, and storage systems. The dynamics of each of these industries may have varying degrees of impact on the petrochemical industry as well. Similar to commodity chemicals, the petrochemical industry is also driven by innovation and continuous research.    Petrochemical products and derivatives are used in large quantities by diverse industries ranging from textiles to food and beverage to rubber and plastics to paints and coatings to construction materials. Thus, it is evident that the Petrochemical industry is one that needs to evolve with the advances made in all of these related industries.    If you, like your competitors, are keen on staying ahead in the race for sustenance and profitability in the Petrochemical industry, marketresearchhub offers you all the relevant data and statistics that you need. We carry a continuously updated collection of market research reports, trends analyses, competitive landscape reports, company profiles, and forecasts on topical issues.  

Asia-Pacific Cubilose Market Report 2017

Apr 2017 Petrochemicals Price : $ 4000

Europe Petrochemicals Market Report 2017

Jan 2017 Petrochemicals Price : $ 3900

Global Petrochemicals Sales Market Report 2017

Jan 2017 Petrochemicals Price : $ 4000

United States Petrochemicals Market Report 2017

Jan 2017 Petrochemicals Price : $ 3800

Europe Petrochemicals Market Report 2016

Dec 2016 Petrochemicals Price : $ 3900

Global Warm Air Heater Market 2016-2020

Dec 2016 Petrochemicals Price : $ 2500

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