China On-platform, Compact Ultrasound Systems Industry to Grow Owing to their Increasing Affordability and Ease of Use

Published on : May 27, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 26, 2016 – Market Research Hub (MRH) has added a new report, ‘China On-platform, Compact Ultrasound System Industry Market Research Report,’ to its offering. This report presents a basic overview of the overall industry. It has been collated by conducting both primary and secondary research, which includes data from press releases, databases, and interviews with top industry leaders. The study also presents a bird’s eye view of the major dynamics shaping the growth of the market such as drivers, trends, opportunities, and challenges. The key technological developments taking place in the market have also been presented to assess their impact on the growth of the China platform, compact ultrasound system industry. It also highlights the key players in the market with their current research and development status and commercial production dates.

Ultrasound is sound energy generated in the form of waves and is utilized in navigational, electronic, security, and industrial applications. It is also majorly utilized in medicine for viewing the internal organs of the body. In addition, ultrasound is utilized in various industries for analyzing the purity and uniformity of solids and liquids.

On-platform, compact ultrasound machines are devices that utilize ultrasound for diagnostic purposes; these are lighter and smaller as compared to the console style traditional ultrasound machines. Advancements in integrated electronics have enabled manufacturers of equipment to largely enhance the affordability and portability of on-platform, compact ultrasound machines. Within developed nations, compact ultrasound machines are being utilized at the patient’s point of care owing to their ease of use, thus reducing costs and improving outcomes. The manufacturers of these on-platform, compact ultrasound machines are aiming at making less expensive, more portable, and high-performance products. 

The report starts by presenting an overview of the China on-platform, compact ultrasound industry including the market definition, specifications, classifications, and applications. In the next section of the report, an analysis has been provided on the manufacturing cost structure of on-platform, compact ultrasound systems. This section comprises the bill of materials (BOM), the BOM price evaluation, manufacturing process evaluation, and the labor cost evaluation of on-platform, compact ultrasound systems. Next comes the production analysis of these systems on the basis of type, region, and application. This section analyzes the China compact ultrasound systems market on the basis of production, sales, price, and consumption value.

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In the last section of this study, the major manufacturers operating in the China on-platform, compact ultrasound system industry have been presented and evaluated on key attributes such as company profile, product specification, product picture, production, gross, revenue, price, capacity, and SWOT analysis. Some of these players are GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, ZONARE Medical Systems, HITACHI Medical Systems Europe, Samsung, The Prometheus Group, Alpinion Medical Systems, and Telemed Medical Systems.

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