2016 Demand Analysis of Global Foie Gras Industry Featured in New Market Study

Published on : Jun 06, 2016

Albany, New York, June 02, 2016 - Market Research Hub has added a new research report titled “Global Foie Gras Consumption Industry 2016 Market Research Report,” to its expanding repository of research reports. The research report is a comprehensive analysis to gauge growth trends and consumption patterns in the global foie gras industry in 2016. The report also looks into factors such as socio-economic conditions and geographical locations that are pertinent to understand the progression analysis of this industry in the future. The market study comprises an analysis of the markets of the U.S., China, Europe, and China for foie gras over the past to assess developments in the coming years. 

The report is compiled as a result of meticulous planning and systematic research for data collection and data scrutiny. Major dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities are examined in detail and are illustrated by graphical representations.

Foie gras is listed among the top luxury food products in the world. Of the 20,000 tonnes of foie gras produced worldwide each year, France contributes for 70% of the production and 85% of the global consumption. However, the production of foie gras has been a contentious issue due to discomfort caused to the animal because of force-feeding. While in some countries it is still considered to be at the apex of luxury food products, several countries have banned the production of foie gras on animal protection grounds. An increasingly large number of animal protection activists, veterinarians, and consumers have criticized that ducks and geese suffer confinement and are force fed only to provide a different taste experience.

Some of the key players that are actively involved in the global foie gras industry are Hudson Valley, Comtesse Du Barry, D’Artagnan, Rougie, and Ducs de Gascogne. The report provides competitive details about each of the players, which include business positioning, product portfolio and specifications, and production capacity. 

The introductory part of the report briefs about definitions, classifications, applications, and value chain in the foie gras industry. This is followed by a detailed overview of regulations that market players need to adhere to for raising and slaughtering animals and their further processing. 

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The report looks into the manufacturing cost structure of foie gras at length. This is inclusive of raw material costs, labor costs, equipment costs, and other costs that are aggregated to calculate the production cost of this commodity. The report studies the global foie gras industry on the basis of type, application, and geography. For each criterion, the sales volume and sales revenue for foie gras for the 2011-2016 period are presented herein. Sales volume and sales revenue indices for the top companies are also presented for the 2011-2016 period in this report.

The various marketing channels for the foie gras industry, which primarily include trade groups and industry associations are looked into in the report. The influence of these channels has a significant impact on import/export patterns of foie gras globally.

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