Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery increases oil production and productivity

Published on : Oct 23, 2019

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) is a technology involved in manipulating structure and function of microbial environment in oil reservoirs with the ultimate aim of increasing economic gain recovering oil from the porous media. It is considered tertiary oil recovery method as it only partially recovers the residual oil. MEOR incorporates knowledge of various disciplines including geology, microbiology, petroleum engineering, chemistry and fluid mechanics.

Traditional enhanced oil recovery processes are presumed to be insufficient and researchers in the associated field have been continuously involved in improving the recovery methods. The enhancement is expected to displace greater amount of accumulated liquid in reservoirs and adding it to the production wells. Hydrocarbon deposits in reservoirs contain residual oil and oil recovery mechanisms such as MEOR aid in extracting this strapped oil.

An intelligence report titled, “Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Market (value, Volume): World Market Review By Metabolic Products, Application, well Type, By Region, By Country (2019 Edition): Opportunities and Forecast (2019-2024) --- By Region (N. America L. America, APAC, Europe, MEA), By Country (US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, China, Australia, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Angola)” is the source of all the stated insights. This report is the latest addition to Market Research Hub’s ever growing repository

Chemical EOR was insufficient

Chemical EOR approach has been used in extracting oil in past. It use conventional chemicals that include surface active compounds and solvents, where the former overcome capillary forces by reducing interfacial tension that exists between rock and oil; and latter promotes oil mobility by reducing oil viscosity. Water flooding is used to inject these chemicals in the reservoir and chemical reach all the places where eater displaces oil. Chemical EOR had disadvantages such as failure of chemicals to contact residual oil and insufficient residual oil extraction as chemical tend to take the direction which offers less resistance. This disadvantage propels global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market.

MEOR offers several advantages that include increased productivity of oil fields, efficient oil wells operation, less expensive setup, low energy requirement, reduced operations downtime, eco-friendly application, biodegradation of heavy hydrocarbon components and crude oil emulsification.

The metabolic action of microbes produces different components such as gases, bio-surfactants and alcohols that actually interact with crude oil. Biogas supplements reservoir driving pressure whereas bio-surfactants and bio-alcohol reduce oil viscosity and surface tension. Metabolites effect flowing properties of crude oil and mobilizes it towards production wells, thereby increasing oil flow output. 

Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market: Report Synopsis

Quantitative and qualitative assessment exhort intelligence and overarching report on the Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market. Further, the report thoroughly delineates various aspects of the market that will potentially have considerable influence on the development of the Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market. As such, those aspects incorporate drivers, trends, restraints, and opportunities. Furthermore, the report elucidates segregation of the market that provides an exhaustive analysis on Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery.

An insightful and deep-dive assessment of the competitive assessment of the Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market pins hope on Porters’ Five Force Analysis. Accordingly, the Porters’ Five Force Analysis offers a pressing analysis on the potential strategies of the preeminent players in the Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market. In addition, the business strategies counts on company overview, product portfolio, SWOT analysis, key differentiation and recent development.

Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market: Research Methodology

Primary sources and secondary sources propel intelligence report on Global Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery market that provide deep dive analysis on the market. As such, the report provides reliable and unbiased projections, and assessments which have palpable impact on the market size and historical data. Besides, the report also counts on primary sources which hinges upon in-depth and intelligent analysis from well-grounded and reliable experts, telephonic interview, and a thorough assessment from surveys and seasoned analyst.

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