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Global Carbon Mold Market: East Asia to generate One-Fourth Revenue Share

Published On : Dec 10,2019

Carbon mold is widely used across various industries including aerospace & defense on the backdrop of being durable and light weight. Aircraft engine nacelles utilize ultra-high

Refineries and Chemical Industries drive The Global Distillate Oil Testing Service Market

Published On : Dec 10,2019

Distillate oil testing methods are employed for their smaller size unlike the conventional methods. Distillate oil testing methods like thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) collects

Standard Electric Motors to dominate the Global Market in Forecast Period 2019-2029

Published On : Dec 10,2019

Electric scooters have gained momentum with the growing awareness regarding environment. They are employed as they reduce greenhouse gases’ emission. Electric scooters are energy

Nordic Countries exhibit Promising Future for Wood Pellet Heating Systems

Published On : Dec 10,2019

Wood pellet heating systems are known for their high calorific value where one kg of wood pellet has the potential to produce around 5kw of energy. They are employed for their

Tier-1 Players dominate Global Marine Fuel Injection System Market with 25% Shares

Published On : Dec 10,2019

Marine fuel injection systems are widely used in sea transport which operates   ?90% of the global overseas trade on the backdrop of being cheap and efficient. Seaborne

Power Filters dominate Global Bio Filter Market

Published On : Dec 09,2019

Bio Filter is used as a technique to control pollution and has extensive application in marine environment. Two major factors including increase in fish consumption and growing

Military Forces increase Demand for Early Warning Radars

Published On : Dec 09,2019

Early warning radars are employed to detect and trace receptors. They are extensively used in several applications including ground surveillance, air traffic control, sea

Accelerated Investments make North America a Prominent Region in Global Point-Of-Care Coagulation Testing Devices market

Published On : Dec 09,2019

Point-of-care coagulation testing involves testing of bodily fluids. It is widely used for patients that require hemostatic management. Increased cases of coagulation amongst

Bio-Based Agrichemicals bolster the Global Potassium Derivatives Market

Published On : Dec 09,2019

Potassium derivatives are used across various industries including agricultural, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry. Muriate of potash popularly known as potassium chloride

Energy Storage Devices drive the Global PP Capacitor Films Market

Published On : Dec 09,2019

PP capacitor films are used for their positive attributes that include excellent thermal stability and high energy density. They are used in energy storage devices that are

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