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Bioplastics used as Packaging Material in Consumer Electronics Segment

Published On : Nov 29,2019

Plastic industry has witnessed many fluctuations over its environmental impact. Many materials such as eco-friendly materials and reusable substances have surfaced as sustainable

Artificial Intelligence Segment to grow at 24% Rate in Forecast Period

Published On : Nov 29,2019

Semiconductor manufacturing industry largely contributes is technological advancements on global level. Many technical aspects of semiconductor industry that include 5G

CBD-Products increase the Sales in Global Cannabis Market

Published On : Nov 29,2019

Cannabis is used in health industry and is known for its psychoactive and medical benefits. Cannabis programs run in various regions including District of Columbia and U.S Virgin

Global Electroceuticals Market: GSK PLC and Microsoft Corp. collaborate to Form Galvani Bioelectronics

Published On : Nov 29,2019

Electroceuticals are used in medical industry to treat ailments with help of electrical impulses. Although they do not act as first line of treatment, they are presumed to be a

Advanced Computational Techniques boost Personalized/Precision Medicine Industry

Published On : Nov 29,2019

Precision medicine has emerged as a new frontier in healthcare segment that takes in account several components including genomics, population health and big data analytics. They

Solar Powered Car Pumps are highly demanded as Environment-Friendly Solution

Published On : Nov 28,2019

Car air pumps perform the functions such as compressing air at higher pressure and harnessing potential energy. Global car air pumps market thrives on the backdrop of simple design

Fish Fillets drive the Demand for Skinning Machines

Published On : Nov 28,2019

Skinning machines are used in skinning of variety of animals that include fishes, poultry and meat to prepare portions ready for use in food industry. They are used in different

Biotechnology Sector raises Demand of Ferro fluids

Published On : Nov 28,2019

Magnetorheological fluid and Ferro fluids both fall under the category of smart fluids with many applications. Ferro fluids are colloids that contain Nano sized magnetic dipolar

Sky Scrapers and Architecture Industry Primarily drive Demand for Translucent Concrete

Published On : Nov 28,2019

Translucent concrete transmits light with help of optical fibers. It is based on concrete and is widely used in many industries including construction industry, decoration industry

Voxel-Pixel Integration is used in Advanced Robotic Applications

Published On : Nov 28,2019

Voxel is volumetric element with three dimensional structure that is analogues to the pixel’s dimensions in 2D. Voxel-pixel integration is employed for many applications like

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