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New Energy Cars-China-May 2019: Amid Dependence on Oil Imports China Boosts NEV Industry

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Albany, New York, August 9, 2019: In mere few years, China has become world’s largest market and producer of NEVs, lithium-ion batteries and charging infrastructure as the nation

Crown Closures: Convenience in Beverage Packaging to Substantially Influence Demand

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Albany, New York, August 9, 2019: Crown closures have become a very popular aspect in food and beverage packaging process. The increased adoption of crown closures can be largely

Car Purchasing Process – US – July 2019: Complexity of Procedure and Increased Auto Prices Create Challenges

Published On : Aug 09,2019

The passenger car market of the United States, following a period of slow growth, seems to be displaying signs of moving back towards positive growth. Automobile manufacturers are

Perceptions of Auto Brands – US – June 2019: Associated Vehicle Quality Plays Key Role in Boosting Importance of Market Positioning

Published On : Aug 09,2019

For auto manufacturers, perceived quality is very important in terms of the company’s image in the eyes of the consumer. Auto manufacturers often take many years to build a

Automotive Innovations—US: Blazing the Trails Tesla Brings Over-the-air Application Updates

Published On : Aug 09,2019

With unbridled and rapid innovations, current and next-generation automobiles in the U.S. propel performance and capabilities in preferably quadruplet areas—connectivity,

Car Finance—UK: New Car Registrations Set to Witness a Dip in 2019; Preeminent Players Focus on Innovations

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Since the start of the year, the perceived likelihood of a no-deal Brexit has escalated and has put extra pressure on UK forward interest rates and paved way for a plunge in the

Luxury Cars—China: As China-US Trade War Starts to get out of Hand, BMWs Production Shift to China Pays Off

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Amid escalating trade war jitters between China and the U.S., new generation of Chinese consumers vie to foster the luxury cars market. Luxury segment remains vibrant as premium

Home Sleep Screening Devices Market: Demand for Non-wearables to Witness an Upward Trend

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Albany, New York, August 9, 2019: Soaring incidence of sleep insufficiency has been lurking as one of the most prevalent sleep-related disorders—obstructive sleep apnea—has

Neopentyl Glycol (NPG): Paint and Coating Applications Drive Adoption

Published On : Aug 09,2019

Albany, New York, August 9, 2019: Advanced characteristics of neopentyl glycol including high resistance to oxidation, non-polar chemical nature, and high stability towards water,

Non-commercial Acrylic Paints: DIY Trends Support Increased Sales in the United States

Published On : Aug 08,2019

Albany, New York, August 8, 2019: The demand for non-commercial acrylic paints is largely from the regions in Southern United States. This region is a lucrative area to target for

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