Artificial Intelligence Patent Portfolio Strategies of Amazon and Qualcomm, and AI Investments of Tencent

Artificial Intelligence Patent Portfolio Strategies of Amazon and Qualcomm, and AI Investments of Tencent

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In the IoT (Internet of Things) age, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is considered a major accelerator to smarten up electronics products, leading to the emergence of relevant applications such as smart cars, smart elevators, smart home appliances, smart pets, smart robots, and smartphones. Following the widespread adoption of AI technology in emerging applications, Amazon which started as an online bookshop has been dedicated to M&A activities and AI patent portfolio developments over the years. Meanwhile, Qualcomm also has come with its own AI patent portfolio strategies following a noticeable decline in its revenue and patent royalty from the mobile phone market. Meanwhile, the Chinese AI industry is led by Tencent which has invested over US$10 billion into AI in the past two years. Tencent’s AI ambitions over the next few years are defined by a strategy called “Make AI Everywhere.” This report provides an overview of AI patent portfolios, and examines the patent portfolio development strategies of Amazon and Qualcomm; looks into the AI investment plans of Tencent.

Table of Contents

1. AI Technology Overview 

1.1 Neural Network 
1.2 Expert System 
1.3 Fuzzy Logic 
1.4 Genetic Algorithm 

2. Patent Mining 
2.1 Patent Search 
2.1.1 Selecting a Patent Database 
2.1.2 Identifying Search Keywords 
2.1.3 Data Selection 
2.1.4 Data Analysis 

3. Trend Analysis 
3.1 Data Mining 
3.1.1 Patent Distribution by Country 
3.1.2 Patent Distribution by Sector and Field 
3.1.3 Patent Distribution by Key Technology Field 
3.1.4 Patent Distribution by Correlative Technology 
3.2 R&D Readiness Analysis 
3.2.1 R&D Intensity 

4. Patent Portfolio Analysis 
4.1 International Assignees 
4.2 Development of Major Patent Assignees 
4.2.1 IBM 
4.2.2 Microsoft 
4.2.3 Google 
4.2.4 Siemens 
4.2.5 Rockwell Automation 

5. MIC Perspective 

6. Company Profile of Amazon 

7.Amazon Patent Portfolio Deployment 
7.1 Patent Mining 
7.2 Amazon Patent Portflio Analysis 
7.2.1 Analysis by Field 
7.2.2 Analysis by Core Technology 
7.2.3 Analysis by Intelligent Application 
7.3.4 Matrix Analysis of AI Technology with Intelligent Applications 

8.Analysis of Amazon’s Investment Projects 

9. Analysis of Amazon’s M&A Activities 

10. MIC Perspective 

11. Compay Profile of Qualcomm 

12.Qualcomm Patent Portfolio Deployment 

12.1 Patent Mining 
12.2 Patent Analysis 
12.2.1 Analysis by Field 
12.2.2 Analysis by Core Technology 
12.2.3 Analysis by Intelligent Application 
12.2.4 Matrix Analysis of AI Technologies and Intelligent Applications 

13. Analysis of Qualcomm’s Investment Projects 

14. Analysis of Qualcomm’s M&A Activities 

15. MIC Perspectives 

16. Company Profile of Tencent 

17.Organizational Development and AI Team 
17.1 Organizational Resource Integration 
17.2 AI Teams 
17.2.1 Tencent AI Lab 
17.2.2 Youtu Lab 
17.3 Public Security 
17.4 Facial Recognition 
17.5 Online Content Review 
17.6 Smart Retail 
17.6.1 WeChat AI 

18.Tencent's AI Products and Technologies 
18.1 The Six Resources of Tencent's AI Ecosystem 
18.2 AI Products 
18.2.1 Smart Hardware 
18.2.2 Smart Hiring 

19.Tencent's AI Accelerator and Investment Strategy 
19.1 AI Accelerator 
19.2 Tencent's AI Investment Strategy 

20. MIC Perspective 


Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1: AI Patent Core Technology/Correlative Technology Matrix Analysis 
Table 2: R&D Intensity of Top 20 International AI Patent Assignees 
Table 3: R&D Intensity of Top 20 Taiwanese AI Patent Assignees 
Table 4: AI Patent/International Assignee Matrix Analysis 
Table 5: Amazon's Patent Counts by Technology, 2006 - 2017 
Table 6: Patent Count by Application, 2006 - 2017 
Table 7: Matrix Analysis of Amazon's AI Core Technologies with Intelligent Applications 
Table 8: Amazon’s Investments in Emerging Application Areas, 2013 - 2017 
Table9: Amazon’s M&As and Deployments in Emerging Application Areas, 2013-2017
Table 10: Development of Qualcomm’s Core AI Technologies 
Table 11: Smart Application Areas of Qualcomm’s AI Technologies 
Table 12: Matrix Analysis of Qualcomm’s Core AI Technologies and Intelligent applications 
Table 13: Qualcomm Ventures’ Investment between 2013 and 2017
Table 14: Qualcomm’s M&A between 2013 and 2017 
Table 15: Basic Information on Tencent 
Table 16: Organizational Structure of Tencent 
Table 17: Applications of Tencent AI Lab 
Table 18: Research Plans of Tencent AI Lab 
Table 19: Shared Technologies on the Tencent Open AI Platform 
Table 20: Smart Hardware Application Scenarios 
Table 21: Investment Targets of Tencent's AI Accelerator 
Table 22: Tencent's AI Investment Strategy 

List of Chart

Figure 1: AI Patent Distribution Share by Country 
Figure 2: AI Patent Distribution Share of International Assignees by Sector 
Figure 3: AI Patent Distribution Share of Taiwanese Assignees by Sector 
Figure 4: AI Patent Distribution Share of International Assignees by Field 
Figure 5: AI Patent Distribution Share of Taiwanese Assignees by Field 
Figure 6: AI Correlative Patent Distribution Share by Technology Type: International Assignees 
Figure 7: AI Correlative Patent Distribution Share by Technology Type: Taiwanese Assignees 
Figure 8: Amazon’s Business Model Built around Customer Experience 
Figure 9: Amazon’s Revenue Breakdowns by Business Unit, 2012 - 2016 
Figure 10: Amazon's Patent Count by Field 
Figure 11: Qualcomm’s Business Model 
Figure 12: Qualcomm’s Revenue Structure, 2012 - 2016 
Figure 13: Qualcomm’s AI Patent Distribution Share by Field 
Figure 14: The Grandeye Security Platform 
Figure 15: Facial Recognition Verification Process 
Figure 16: Youtu’s AI Applications in Smart Retail 
Figure 17: The Six Resources of Tencent's AI Ecosystem 
Figure 18: Smart Hardware Program 
Figure 19: Features of Tencent's Smart Recruitment Technology 

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