Colombia - The Future of Foodservice to 2021

Colombia - The Future of Foodservice to 2021

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Colombia - The Future of Foodservice to 2021


"Colombia - The Future of Foodservice to 2021", published by GlobalData, provides extensive insight and analysis of the Colombian Foodservice market over the next five years (2016-2021) and acts as a vital point of reference for operators or suppliers.

The Colombian economy has made a strong recovery since the 2008 financial crisis. GDP per capita has been steadily rising, at a CAGR of over 5% in recent years, and the foodservice sector has been a clear beneficary of this trend.

From 2014-2016, the value of the sector increased at a CAGR of 3.4%, from COP 34.2 trillion to COP 36.6 trillion. However, due to a weakening of the Colombian peso over this period, this was a contraction at CAGR -16.2% in US dollars. The foodservice sector is forecast a marginally accelerated CAGR of 3.6% during 2016-2021, and is expected to be valued at COP 43.6 trillion by 2021.

The QSR, FSR and pubs, clubs and bar channels accounted for approximately 69.7% of the total sales value of the sector in 2016. The pub, club and bar channel is the largest by a substantial margin, represening 41.0% of the sales value of the sector.

Growth has been, and will to continue to be driven by rising transaction numbers, with the potential for outlet growth hampered by urban areas approaching saturation. Bogot currently generates roughly a quarter of the country's GDP, so the largest growth opportunities will be found in the surrounding areas. However, grand infrastructure projects are due to be launched in future years, which should see growth of satellite towns, providing alternative growth opportunities.

The report includes -
- Overview of Colombia's macro-economic landscape: Detailed analysis of current macro-economic factors and their impact on Colombia's foodservice market including GDP per capita, consumer price index, population growth and annual household income distribution.
- Growth dynamics: In-depth data and forecasts of key channels (QSR, FSR, Pubs, Clubs and Bars) within Colombia's foodservice market, including the value of the market, number of transactions, number of outlets and average transaction price.
- Customer segmentation: identify the most important demographic groups, buying habits and motivations that drive out-of-home meal occasions among segments of the Colombian population.
- Key players: Overview of market leaders within the three major channels including business descriptions and number of outlets.
- Case Studies: Learn from examples of recent successes and failures within the Colombian foodservice market.


- Colombia has an unusually prominant retail sector, with a 14.9% market share. There is great competition between the QSR and retail channels. This is primarily due to the thriving bakery sub-channel (in Retail), whose average transaction value is roughly half that of the QSR channel. This popularity is a consequence of the country's stark wealth inequality, prompting low-income consumers to favor better-value options.
- Some QSR operators are beginning to position themselves as more upmarket, with higher quality menu items at a standard reminiscent of the FSR channel, and a dine-in atmosphere which is halfway between QSR and FSR. The channel is therefore expected to become more flexible, offering more varied experiences and appealing to a wider consumer demographic.
- Despite its dominance in the foodservice sector, the pub, club and bar channel is forecast acclerated growth during 2016-2021, at a CAGR of 3.4%. Rising disposable incomes and a steadily growing economy will help drive an increase in alcoholic beverage sales. The recent success of a brewrey serving a range of beers and ales in a British-style pub, indicates growth opportunities to be found in pursuing similar ventures.

Reasons to buy

- Specific forecasts of the Colombian foodservice market over the next five years (2016-2021) will give readers the ability to make informed business decisions through identifying emerging/declining markets.
- Consumer segmentation detailing the desires of known consumers among all major foodservice channels (QSR, FSR, Pubs, Clubs and Bars) will allow readers to understand the wants and needs of their target demographics.
- Relevant case studies will allow readers to learn from and apply lessons discovered by emerging and major players within Colombia's foodservice market.
Table of Contents
Report Guide
Executive Summary

Macroeconomic Context
GDP and Consumer Price Index
Population and demographic highlights
Annual household income distribution

Introducing the Consumer Segments
Consumer segment profiles and key identification metrics
Segment engagement overview in three key profit sector channels

Profit Sector Metrics
Key metric highlights
Value share and growth by channel
Outlets and transactions growth by channel
Operator buying volumes and growth by channel
Channel historic and future growth dynamics
Outlet type and type of ownership growth dynamics

Profit Sector by Channel

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
Summary and key take-out
Key players
Key consumers
What next?

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)
Summary and key take-out
Key consumers
What next?

Pubs, Clubs and bars
Summary and key take-out
Key consumers
What next?

Cost Sector Metrics
Cost operator trends - historic and future growth
Data and channel share breakdown


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