Commercial Drones: Numerous industries to be transformed by unmanned flight

Commercial Drones: Numerous industries to be transformed by unmanned flight

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Commercial Drones: Numerous industries to be transformed by unmanned flight


Once the preserve of massive military budgets, drones are now making significant strides in commercial industry, initiating substantial efficiency gains. Now drone technology has reached commercial relevance, and much more is predicted to follow.

A future as a vital part of infrastructure beckons, not just in maintenance but also in mobile infrastructure in isolated areas of the world. Regulations allowing, drones are entering a period of development during which many industries - most notably construction and agriculture - will very quickly look very different.

Key Highlights

- Major computer companies are getting involved, realizing the lucrative opportunities about to become commonplace. Dubbed Mission Control Software, an Intel designed system claims the capacity to handle flight planning and management, beaming back data. Now future infrastructure is beginning to be influenced by drones.
- Many industry insiders have theorized over the potential use of drones in modern society, especially those in advanced economies. Yet the ideas to have been imagined have so often been predicated upon a view of the world which includes full support from the authorities.
- Despite being worth trillions of dollars, the global construction industry is beset by problems staying on budget and completing work on time. Modern drones offer the prospect of collecting information that would have taken a human team a prolonged period to gather, but also in much greater detail than is often possible using alternative means.


- Assesses the expanding role of drones in infrastructure
- Examines the impact of advancing drone software
- Looks at the regulatory environment for drones
- Delves into the role drones could play in agriculture
- Assesses the impact of drones on the construction industry

Reasons to buy

- How will infrastructure be affected by drones?
- Will costs for industry come down?
- How will industries be directly affected?
- How are regulations impacting development?
- Can software development keep up with demand for greater capability?
Table of Contents
Overview 2
Catalyst 2
Summary 2
Expanding infrastructure role of drones hints at lucrative future 6
Autonomous drones are nearing commercial reality, potentially transforming industry 6
Arrival of drones threatens to radically change how infrastructure is delivered 7
Advances in software are expanding drone capabilities, enhancing usage 9
Early dominance of DJI could be storing up problems for future software development 9
DJI dominance will be hard to overcome due to build-up of consumer confidence 10
Software improvements are propelling capability improvements 10
Regulatory environment is crucial for future use of drones 12
Regulations must enable companies and organizations to realize cost savings drones provide 12
Drones offer hefty savings on infrastructure maintenance 13
Rules governing drones must not restrict industrial application 13
Rules are restricting development of drone delivery services 14
Agriculture can gain handsomely from drones, but some doubts have surfaced 15
Tracking abilities of drones are set to make farming much more precise 15
Problems with current generation drones have emerged, setting back widespread acceptance 16
Hardware development is expanding the role of drones in agriculture 16
Construction industry making efficiency strides via drone investment 18
Real time aerial inspection presents significant cost and efficiency savings for an industry operating on slim margins 18
Stockpile observation performed by unmanned aerial vehicles will soon become commonplace 19
Better data gathering is speeding up communication on construction sites 19
Conclusions 20
Drones are advancing rapidly in commercial relevance as technology develops 20
Appendix 21
Sources 21
Further Reading 21
Ask the analyst 22
About MarketLine 22
Disclaimer 22

List of Figures
Figure 1: Sharper Shape drone 6
Figure 2: Facebook, Aquila drone (artists impression) 8
Figure 3: DJI Mavic Air drone 9
Figure 4: Zipline drone, Rwanda 11
Figure 5: New York Power Authority drone 12
Figure 6: Drone wind turbine inspection 13
Figure 7: Amazon Prime Air drone 14
Figure 8: Agriculture drone 15
Figure 9: Bee pesticide protest 17
Figure 10: Construction drone 18

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