Counter-Unmanned Aerial System(UAS) Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System(UAS) Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

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Counter-Unmanned Aerial System(UAS) Technologies - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments


The report offers analysis of the global counter-unmanned aerial system(UAS) technologies and covers key technological and market trends in the industry, and analyzes drivers/factors influencing demand for counter-unmanned aerial systems. Additionally, the report provides an overview of five top spenders in the sector including recent procurements undertaken by these countries and profiles of four major counter-unmanned aerial system manufacturers in the domain.

The phenomenal increase in demand for UAV capabilities worldwide, has led to the proliferation of UAV technology to several countries including those which are not on good terms with NATO countries and their allies. The proliferation of UAVs has ben so extensive that even insurgent groups such as the IS have been reported to have been using these systems for attacks on Russian and Syrian forces in the conflict in Syria and Iraq. There are several instances where commercial UAVs have been used in an attempt to create chaos and carry out terror missions. Terrorist tactics have included the arming of cheap UAVs to deploy grenades and mortar rounds which in turn have raised serious concerns on issues regarding the anticipation, prediction and detection of these UAVs by terrorists and hence the burgeoning demand and testing of a range of C-UAS systems with an equal share of focus on detection and subsequent interdiction.


- The increasing proliferation of UAVs has become a potential threat to military forces while in the urban scenario, careless UAV pilots may not be aware of them causing a danger to property and national security. Additionally there are non-state actors who are engaging in illegal activities including smuggling, invasion of privacy and industrial espionage.
- Regardless of the UAV operators intention, UAVs pose a serious security risk for a number of security stakeholders. Due to this, military forces around the world are continuously investing in the development of new technologies and techniques.
- Major defense spending countries around the world are not only ramping up their investments towards the development of counter-UAS capabilities, but also focusing on deriving alternative techniques including electronic identification.

Reasons to buy

- Snapshot of counter-unmanned aerial systems market, including highlights of the demand drivers, trends, and technology developments.
- Insights into the counter-unmanned aerial systems market and a detailed analysis of factors driving the market for each segment with segments.
- Determining the prevalent trends in the sector.
- Determining the current technical standards and new developments that will shape the market in the future.
- Analyzing the major countries and defence companies playing significant roles in development of counter-unmanned aerial systems.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Introduction to Counter- UAS Technologies
Counter- UAS Technologies - Dynamics
Drivers - Counter- UAS Technologies
Demand Drivers: Analysis of the factors that trigger expenditure within the sector
Key Challenges
Technology Trends and New Developments
Key Trends: Prevalent practices and development patterns within the sector
Counter- UAS Identification Technologies
Counter- UAS Technologies - Global Perspective
Country Analysis - Profiles of Leading Countries
Overview of Counter-Stealth Technology initiatives in the country
Suppliers Analysis - Profiles of five leading companies
Company Overview
Major Products
Alliances, Recent Contracts and Financial Analysis

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