Fixed Mobile ConvergenceStatus, Strategies and Opportunites in Europe

Fixed Mobile ConvergenceStatus, Strategies and Opportunites in Europe

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Fixed Mobile Convergence - Status, Strategies and Opportunites in Europe


Fixed Mobile Convergence - Status, Strategies and Opportunites in Europe', a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an overview of the state of the fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) market and of telcos' FMC growth strategies in Europe. The report draws from examples of FMC journeys and propositions from European operators to give an overview of the market conditions which lead to convergence as well as the evolution of the convergence market.

The report provides an overall introduction to FMC, its driving conditions and a comparison of the level of FMC market development in different regions. It also offers an analysis of the evolution pathway of convergence market development, and examines the different convergence models available in Europe. Moroever, it analyzes the status of development of FMC in Europe, looking at telco value propositions, FMC bundling, and growth strategies. Then the report dives into three telco case studies providing an overview of their FMC offerings, differentiation and monetisation levers in Europe - namely Telefonica Spain, Swisscom Switzerland, and Beeline Russia. The report concludes with key takeaways and detailed recommendations for operators interested in pursuing FMC.

FMC has emerged in a number of competitive markets as a way for operators to differentiate and pursue growth. In Europe, FMC is more developed in Western Europe than in Central and Eastern Europe as operators see FMC as one of their growth pillars. There are a number of market and regulatory conditions which can support or hinder the development of FMC.


- In Western Europe, many operators have pursued fixed-mobile convergence as one of their central growth strategies. CEE has seen a modest level of convergence, mostly centered around developed fixed broadband markets.
- There is scope for more fixed-mobile convergence development in Europe, especially in the CEE region. However, the pace of growth depends on the unique conditions of each market and the profile of each operator.
- The most common strategies used by telcos to incentivize fixed-mobile multi-service uptake in Europe are hard, hybrid, and combination incentives bundling.
- FMC growth strategies in Europe include up-selling additional services into the FMC package, adding services from adjacent areas and expanding into new customer segments.

Reasons to Buy

- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the market conditions, models, and evolution pathways for fixed-mobile convergence, to help executives fully understand market dynamics, determine what works and what does not, formulate effective product development plans and optimize resource allocation and return on investments.
- Three case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights into particular situations and telco offerings in the fixed-mobile convergence market in Europe; this will help the reader understand the strategies employed by telcos for their FMC value propositions in alignment to customer demand characteristics and to the local competitive market conditions.
- The report discusses concrete opportunities in FMC in Europe, providing a number of actionable recommendations for operators.
- An overview of multiple European telcos' FMC value propositions is provided, covering their adopted FMC models, number of FMC offerings, FMC price strategies, and VAS bundled into the FMC packages.
Table of Contents
List of Exhibits
Executive Summary
Section 1: FMC Portfolio Definition, Evolution, and Models
FMC Definition and Overview
FMC Evolution
Telco Convergence Models
Section 2: FMC Status, Portfolios, and Strategies for Telcos in Europe
FMC Status in Europe
FMC Selected Portfolios
FMC Growth Strategies
Section 3: Case Studies
Movistar Spain
Swisscom Netherlands
Beeline Russia
Section 4: Key Takeaways and Recommendations
Key Takeaways
Key Recommendations
Companies Mentioned
Related Research
About GlobalData
Contact Information

List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Typical Conditions for FMC Development
Exhibit 2: Generic Phases of Market Development & Examples of Product Bundle
Exhibit 3: Key Telco Convergence Models
Exhibit 4: FMC Household Penetration by Region
Exhibit 5: Operators FMC Portfolios - Select Telcos
Exhibit 6: Operators FMC Portfolios - Select Telcos
Exhibit 7: FMC Growth Strategies Harnessed by Telcos in Europe
Exhibit 8: Movistars FMC Subscribers & Churn
Exhibit 9: Movistars FMC ARPU, US$
Exhibit 10: Movistars B2C FMC Plans
Exhibit 11: Swisscoms B2C FMC Subscribers Metrics
Exhibit 12: Swisscoms Key FMC Plans
Exhibit 13: Beelines FMC Subscribers

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