Huawei's Supply Chain and Its Future Prospects amid the US-China Trade War

Huawei's Supply Chain and Its Future Prospects amid the US-China Trade War

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2019 was a seminal year for 5G development, as the world's telecom heavyweights vyed to gain a foothold in the nascent technology. The Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, benefiting from strong government support, was the world's largest 5G equipment supplier last year and the No. 3 smartphone maker by shipments. Observing that China was poised to take the global lead in 5G deployment, the United States opened a new front in the U.S.-China trade war, focusing on ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

In order to ensure the integrity of its supply chain, Huawei has to gradually shift its focus to reducing reliance on U.S. manufacturers. At the same time, the disruptions in Huawei's supply chain are having knock-on effects throughout the global ICT sector. With that in mind, this report looks in detail at the changes in Huawei's supply chain and explores the context and future impact on the industry.

Table of Contents

1.Development of Huawei 

1.1 Huawei’s Growing Importance in the Communications Industry 
1.2 US Aims to Disrupt Huawei’s Supply Chain with Huawei Ban 
1.2.1 Trump to Lower the Export Restriction Threshold of US-made Components to 10% of the Value from 25% 
1.2.2 Trump Plans New Curbs on Huawei’s Overseas Suppliers 

2.1 Countermeasures 
2.1.1 Huawei to Increase New Facilities in France to Consolidate 5G Market Presence in Europe 
2.1.2 Huawei Furiously Stockpiled US Semiconductors and Parts in Response to Huawei Ban 

3. Changes in Supply Chains 
3.1 Huawei Relies Heavily on Semiconductors from Taiwanese Suppliers 
3.2 The US Asks Allies to Drop Huawei 
3.3 Huawei’s Smartphone Component Supply Adjustments Benefiting Japanese and Taiwanese Companies 
3.3.1 Huawei Increases Adoption of Phone Chips from Hisilicon and MediaTek 
3.3.2 Huawei Seeking New Suppliers from Japan for High-end Components
3.3.3 GMS-Free Affects Huawei Smartphone Sales in Europe 

4. Future Prospects 
4.1 US Weighing Further Restriction on Huawei Semiconductor Supplies 
4.2 Huawei’s Countermeasures 
4.2.1 Developing A Comprehensive Local Supply Chain Built around HiSilicon 
4.2.2 Chinese RF Industry to Speed Up Development with Huawei Investments 
4.2.3. Huawei Develops Own OS for Chinse Smartphones 
4. MIC Perspective 

List of Companies

List of Table

List of Tables

Table 1 Huawei Ban Timeline 
Table 2 The Changes in the Semiconductor Industry Landscape due to Huawei Ban 
Table 3 The Changes in the Network Communications Industry Landscape Due to Huawei Ban 
Table 4 The Changes in the Smartphone Application IC Industry Landscape Due to Huawei Ban 
Table 5 The Changes in the US, Chinese, and Taiwanese Industry Landscape Following US Further Restrictions on Huawei 
Table 6 Huawei’s China-made RF Components 
Table 7 The Future Supply Chain Prospects of Huawei following US Ban 

List of Chart

List of Figures

Figure 1 The Supply Chain of Huawei’s HiSilicon in China 

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