IoT in Logistics: Technologies and Usage Cases - Smart logistics for smarter supply chain

IoT in Logistics: Technologies and Usage Cases - Smart logistics for smarter supply chain

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Global IoT in Logistics: Snapshot

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to bring a mega revolution in the transportation and logistics space. While mobile technologies is in the fray of most transportation and logistics service providers, high competition and multiple operational challenges necessitates beyond this. 

In such a scenario, the main focus of logistics companies is customers, to meet their needs and expectations. To serve this, IoT is the de facto solution bringing with it smart connections and uses. For its many advantages and opportunities, IoT-based solutions are gaining popularity in the sector. 

In a highly competitive business environment, logistics companies need to accomplish 7R principles of logistics. These are collectively aimed at just-in-time delivery, supply chain visibility, quality services, and product lifecycle transparency. Since these tasks are complicated, use of innovative solutions to achieve these goals is becoming a necessity. 

IoT capabilities are increasingly becoming principal capabilities of logistics systems. Supply chain monitoring, inventory management, vehicle tracking, safe transportation, and automation of processes are the goals attained using IoT in transportation and logistics sector. 

The selection of suitable IoT application for logistics and supply chain management is important. The accuracy of the IoT application that can range from room-level to outdoor locations, requirement of infrastructure, cost of ownership, cost of tag, battery life of each tag, and security of system are key parameters to be considered before making selection of an IoT application for logistics and supply chain needs.

"IoT in Logistics: Technologies and Usage Cases", a vertical focused report by GlobalData, is one of the many products in the digital Industry product portfolio.

- Overview of the technology and its relevance in the verticals.
- Key challenges faced by the industry verticals (logistic) pertinent to its technology (Internet of Things) implementation.
- Elaborate overview of growth drivers that affecting the technology growth.
- Key industry players and their products as well as solutions.

Reasons to buy
- It helps the reader to understand the internet of thing (IoT) market landscape in the logistics industry, the recent trends, and challenges.
- Extensive technology growth predictions based on adoption indicators, end-user technology demand, GlobalDatas in-house ICT survey results, and macroeconomic factors.
- The report provides a detailed breakdown of the opportunities within the IoT segment and its sub categories.

Table of Contents

1 In a nutshell 3
2 Background: business challenges 4
3 IoT technologies and opportunities 7
3.1 Real-time fleet management 7
3.2 Predictive maintenance 7
3.3 Warehouse management 8
4 Logistics usage cases 9
4.1 NB-IoT technology for DHL supply chain 9
4.2 Digital transformation of the Port of Rotterdam 10
4.3 Leveraging digital solutions to transform cargo handling operation of Cargotec 10
5 Market size and forecast 11
5.1 Logistics IoT connections 11
5.2 Logistics IoT devices revenue snapshot 12
5.3 Logistics IoT software and services revenue snapshot 13
6 Key market drivers and inhibitors 15
6.1 Key market drivers 15
6.2 Key inhibitors 17
7 Vendor landscape 19
7.1 MiX Telematics specialized IoT solutions 19
7.2 Kores M2M solutions for logistics control 20
7.3 AT&Ts IoT industry solutions 20
7.4 Logistics-specific IoT solution vendors 20
8 Future outlook 22
8.1 Assimilation of IoT and big data in logistics can change the game 22
9 Appendix 23
9.1 Definitions 23
9.2 Further reading 24
9.3 Contact the authors 25
9.4 Contact Us 26

List of Tables
Table 1: IoT connections in logistics - global forecast by type of connectivity, millions (m) 11
Table 2: Logistics - global IoT devices revenue forecasts, US$ million 12
Table 3: IoT software and services in logistics - global forecast by region, US$ million 13
Table 4: Vendors supplying IoT solutions within the logistics industry 21

List of Figures
Figure 1: Key highlights in the logistics sector 3
Figure 2: Challenges faced by logistics in delivering IoT projects 6
Figure 3: Use cases frequency in the logistics industry 9
Figure 4: Logistics - Number of global connections by type of connectivity, millions (m) 11
Figure 5: Logistics - global IoT devices revenue forecasts, US$ million 12
Figure 6: IoT software and services in logistics - market breakdown by region 13
Figure 7: Key market drivers and inhibitors impacting the IoT adoption in the logistics market 15
Figure 8: Key investment areas of future infrastructure amongst logistics organizations 19

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