Multiplay Service Market Trends in Europe

Multiplay Service Market Trends in Europe

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Multiplay Service Market Trends in Europe


"Multiplay Service Market Trends in Europe", a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the multiplay market in Europe. It delivers deep qualitative and quantitative insight into the multiplay market in the region, analyzing key trends and strategies adopted by service providers.

Western European markets have traditionally exhibited some of the highest mobile broadband penetration levels worldwide thanks to their extensive broadband infrastructure coverage and higher per capita income levels. In addition, aggressive discounted pricing adopted by most operators in the region and the inclusion of value-added services as part of multiplay bundles have also played an important role, helping to rise adoption levels historically. Central and Eastern Europe, meanwhile, has been lagging behind Western Europe in terms of multiplay service adoption, mainly because of its relatively low broadband penetration levels. Moving forward, however, we expect Russia, Central and Eastern Europes largest multiplay market, to exhibit the regions fastest growth rate in terms of adoption.


The report provides in-depth analysis of the following -
- Europe in a global context; looks at the multiplay market in a global context, focusing on penetration and service adoption trends.
- Multiplay market in Europe; provides a detailed description of the multiplay market in Europe, looking at subscriber growth, penetration trends, and service adoption by type of package.
- Multiplay revenue evolution in Europe; analyzes the average monthly spends on three different type of packages and revenue trends over 2018-2023.
- Country Profiles; analyzes main ARPU and revenue trends in the Spain and the UK for the 2017-2023 period.
- Key findings: the Insider concludes with a number of key findings for multiplay service providers in Europe.

Reasons to buy

- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the main trends taking place Europe multiplay market, helping executives fully understand market dynamics, determine what works and what doesnt, formulate effective product development plans, and optimize resource allocation and return on investment.
- The report includes examples on strategies adopted by multiplay service providers that illustrate the findings of the report; this will help the reader understand both the challenges confronted in the real world and the strategies employed to overcome those challenges.
- With more than ten charts, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, to help to understand the multiplay market, analyzing key trends and strategies.
Table of Contents
Table of contents 3
Executive summary 4
Section 1: Europe in a global context 5
Europes demographics at a glance 6
Europe in a global context 7
Section 2: Multiplay market in Europe 9
Multiplay market in Europe 10
Section 3: Multiplay revenue evolution in Europe 13
Multiplay household spend in Europe 14
Multiplay service revenue evolution in Europe 15
Section 4: Country profiles 16
Multiplay service evolution in Spain 17
Multiplay service evolution in UK 18
Section 5: Key findings and recommendations 29
Appendix 21
Acronyms and definitions 22
Related research 23

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