North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - Analysis, Trends, New Developments & Future Outlook

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - Analysis, Trends, New Developments & Future Outlook

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - Analysis, Trends, New Developments & Future Outlook


Driven by the need to counter increased level of threat from Russia and China, NATO is expected to focus on strengthening the alliance defense capabilities and enhance its cooperation with other Euroepan organizations like European Union's European Defense Agency (EDA) among others. NATO will also increasingly engage other regional powers to contain the rising influence of China and Russia.


This report offers - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments report offers insights into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It offers an analysis based on key trends, drivers and new developments in the domain. This report analyzes factors that influence NATO member states defense spending, their threats perception, defense requirements, procurement projects, technology development domains, inter organization relationships and its future role in global arena


- NATO defense spending is primarily fueled by need to counter Russian military capabilities and contain the laters influence within Europe.
- With Russia increasingly taking a hostile stand, NATO member states are expected to increase their defense spending over the coming years and invest in military hardware to deter Russia from further agression.

Reasons to buy

- Snapshot of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including highlights of the need for alliance, trends, and technology developments
- Insights into the NATO-defense spending, its strengths, weakness oppurtunities and threats with respect to Russia
- Insights on the prevalent trends in the NATO alliance.
- Insights into future requirements, current procurements and new areas of technological developments that will shape alliance future defense policy.
- Analysis of the top defense spenders within NATO, their force structure
- Analysis of the future peripheral alliances that NATO will pursue in future.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 5
Defense Expenditure Analysis 11
Long Security Term Trends 14
General Trends 25
Contracting with NATO 30
Technology Developments and Procurements 44
Future Outlook 47
Peripheral Alliances of NATO 54

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