Trends and Challenges in Worldwide and Taiwanese Cross-Border E-Commerce

Trends and Challenges in Worldwide and Taiwanese Cross-Border E-Commerce

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Cross-border e-commerce refers to international business activities that involve online transactions and delivery of products across borders. With the eruption of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, e-commerce platforms, retailers, and the government around the world have all their eyes set on this booming industry. This report includes latest developments of the cross-border e-commerce market and major e-commerce platforms; outlines policy-making processes of cross-border e-commerce in selected countries; examines the uncertainties Taiwanese companies face and explores their possible business opportunities.

Table of Contents

1. Worldwide Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce 

1.1 Market Size of Worldwide Cross-Border E-Commerce 
1.2 Growth Drivers of Worldwide Cross-Border E-Commerce 
1.3 Shopping Preference in Cross-Border E-Commerce 

2. Major Worldwide E-Commerce Players 
2.1 Amazon: Cross-Border Export 
2.2 Rakuten: Cross-Border Export 
2.3 Alibaba: Cross-Border Export and Import 

3. Regulations and Programmes On Cross-border e-Commerce in Major Countries 
3.1 US 
3.2 China 
3.3 EU 
3.4 UK 
3.5 Japan 
3.6 South Korea 

4. Development of Taiwan E-Commerce Companies 
4.1 Strategic Deployment of e-Commerce Companies in Taiwan 
4.1.1 PChome: US, Thailand 
4.1.2 Rakuten: Southeast Asia, worldwide 
4.1.3 Yahoo: Hong Kong 
4.2 Opportunities for Taiwanese Retailers in Cross-Border e-Commerce 
4.2.1 Partnership with Offshore Platforms 
4.2.2 Partnership with Taiwan Logistics Companies 
4.2.3 Partnership with Taiwan Distributors 
4.2.4 Partnership with Taiwan System Integrators 

5. Challenges of Taiwanese Cross-Border E-Commerce Companies 
5.1 Consumer-side 
5.2 Industry-side 
5.3 Policy-side 

6. Conclusion 
6.1 Development of Worldwide Cross-Border E-Commerce 
6.1.1 "Price" and "Products" are the Two Major Driving Forces Behind Cross-Border E-Commerce 
6.1.2 Major E-Commerce Platforms are Moving into Cross-Border Services 
6.1.3 Cross-Border E-Commerce to Become a Major Focus of Policy-setting by Governments around the World 
6.2 Challenges Faced By Taiwan Cross-Border E-Commerce Companies 
6.2.1 Lack of Product Positioning Puts Taiwan in a Neither-Low-Nor-High-Position 
6.2.2 Cross-Border Activities Have Turned E-Commerce into an International Battlefield 
6.2.3 Governments around the World Should Be Open towards Cross-Border E-Commerce, Yet Regulated at the Same Time 

Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1: Consumer Preference in Major Cross-border e-Commerce Markets 

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