UK Insurance Aggregators 2019

UK Insurance Aggregators 2019

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UK Insurance Aggregators 2019


"UK Insurance Aggregators 2019", report explores the ever-changing consumer purchasing behavior through price comparison sites. It identifies what is most influential to customers when selecting a policy through this channel and reveals the brand strategies of the four leading sites. Their distinct approaches to advertising are also highlighted, as well as the key factors that will influence the market over the coming years, including regulation and new technology.

The percentage of consumers conducting research on price comparison websites at renewal increased in the motor and pet lines, while home and travel insurance saw declines. Motor insurance, the biggest market for aggregators, posted a rise of 4.5 percentage points. This trend was replicated in the number of purchases made through the channel, with motor and pet also seeing more purchases. offers the cheapest polices in two out of the four product lines, while market leader Compare the Market does not have the best value prices in any line according to our market research.


- Motor insurance has the strongest presence on comparison sites, with over two thirds of consumers purchasing policies through them.
- All four main aggregators reported improved year-on-year financial performances.
- Advertising spend is high for three of the four leading aggregators, with leading the way as it continues to improve its market position in the individual product lines.

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- Adapt your distribution strategy to ensure it still meets customer purchasing needs and behaviors.
- Ensure you remain competitive as new innovations revolutionize the consumer purchasing journey.
- Be informed of how new technologies could impact the aggregator channel over the next few years.
- Learn about the differences in pricing between the top four comparison sites.
Table of Contents
1.1. Aggregator web traffic picks up as premiums soar
1.2. Key findings
1.3. Critical success factors
Table of Contents
2.1. Aggregators promise to save consumers time and money holds strong appeal
2.2. The products generating more traffic for research have seen more sales
2.3. Aggregators strong financial results reflect consumer behavior
2.4. Price is essential, but consumers do look beyond the cheapest policy
2.5. The Insurance Distribution Directive aims to increase clarity
2.6. The FCA is eyeing tougher enforcement of renewal transparency after issuing repeated warnings
2.7. Startups tweaking the aggregator model could pose a threat to the established four
3.1. Motor
3.1.1. Average price varies considerably across the leading aggregators
3.1.2. IPT remains at 12.0% following the 2017 increase
3.1.3. The Civil Liabilities Bill should keep motor premium growth low
3.2. Home
3.2.1. Clarity remains an issue in the home sector
3.2.2. MoneySuperMarket has the best-value home insurance policies
3.3. Travel
3.3.1. Consumers are offered a wide range of affordable travel policies
3.4. Pet
3.4.1. Soaring premiums are sending consumers to aggregators
3.4.2. Clarity remains a problem in the pet sector
3.4.3. Consumers are shifting towards lifetime policies
3.4.4. Pet insurance policies can vary greatly on price, even among the cheapest policies
4.1. Overall
4.1.1. offers the cheapest premiums
4.2. Compare the Market
4.2.1. Further findings released in the CMAs investigation into Compare the Market
4.2.2. Compare the Markets parent group reported record revenue and profit
4.3. MoneySuperMarket
4.3.1. MoneySuperMarket enjoyed a strong start to 2018
4.3.2. MoneySuperMarket leads the way in mobile apps
4.4.1. saw revenue and profits rise after declines in 2017
4.5. GoCompare
4.5.1. Positive financial performance for GoCompare
4.5.2. GoCompare looks towards fintech
5.1. Overall
5.2. dominated advertising spend
5.3. MoneySuperMarket shifted its focus back to TV advertising
5.4. GoCompares advertising spend continued to decline
5.5. Compare the Market's advertising spend remained below 1m
6.1. Abbreviations and acronyms
6.2. Definitions
6.2.1. Home insurance
6.2.2. Pet insurance
6.3. Methodology
6.3.1. GlobalDatas 2017 and 2018 General Insurance Consumer Surveys
6.4. Bibliography
6.5. Further reading

List of Figures
Figure 1: Consumers are most likely to conduct motor insurance research on PCWs
Figure 2: The PCW channel is strongest for motor insurance after encouraging growth in 2018
Figure 3: Conversion from research to sales fell in three of the four categories in 2018
Figure 4: Switching rates increased across the home, motor, and pet lines
Figure 5: Approximately half of consumers who use PCWs switch at the end of the policy in three out of four product lines
Figure 6: Consumers look beyond the very cheapest policy
Figure 7: Honchos app looks to simplify PCWs for consumers
Figure 8: MoneySuperMarket benefited from repeat business, while Compare the Markets toys and rewards continued to work
Figure 9: Average motor premiums declined in the second half of 2018
Figure 10: has a large range of cheap options, giving it the lowest average premium
Figure 11: Compare the Market benefits from repeat business in the household market
Figure 12: Household premiums fluctuated throughout the review period, picking up in Q4 2018
Figure 13: Cheaper prices were seen across the top 10, while MoneySuperMarket has the lowest household average price
Figure 14: GoCompare has a strong presence on search engines but struggles to compete on repeat business
Figure 15: Consumers are still offered a wide range of cheap travel insurance policies
Figure 16: MoneySuperMarket stands out for the cheapest prices in the pet market
Figure 17: continues to offer the cheapest lifetime pet insurance policies
Figure 18: Compare the Market maintained its strong lead in all four product lines
Figure 19: Compare the Markets position as market leader was boosted by rewards and customer familiarity
Figure 20: Confused.coms total spend plummeted, but it remained the top aggregator advertiser
Figure 21: focused on motor insurance in 2018
Figure 22: focused its 2018 advertising on TV and online channels
Figure 23: MoneySuperMarket spread out its smaller marketing budget, but still favors TV
Figure 24: GoCompare remains heavily reliant upon TV for marketing
Figure 25: Compare the Market has spent very little on advertising since 2016

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