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The retail market is comprises businesses that directly sell goods to end consumers. The Retail Market is currently witnessing major expansion from conventional brick and mortar stores to the online format. Whether it is small standalone stores or large retail chains, registering an online presence has become central to reaching more customers and boosting sales.   Within the Retail Market, there are a myriad of store formats. These include specialty stores, malls, department stores and supermarkets, discount stores, and so on. A number of industrial sectors—right from personal care to housewares to textiles to consumer electronics—typically rely on the retail format to sell their products. In the last decade, retailers have had to alter their selling strategies, as well as budgets, to explore new sales platforms.   The Retail Market is also characterized by certain other industries that supplement its operations. These industries would include transportation, supply chain management, ERPs, inventory management systems, and so on.    Competition in the retail market, both among local and global players, is intense. The only way for players to differentiate themselves from the rest is to take a step towards innovation, e-commerce, customer loyalty programs, and branding. To execute each of these operations, retailers need to first put a finger on the pulse of the market. The numerous market intelligence tools available at marketresearchhub help you do just that. We feature a constantly-updated database of market research reports, competitive landscape reports, industry forecasts, trends analyses, and so on. These reports help you make the right investment and enter markets that show promising opportunities.

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